March Madness.

This past Friday morning I took a trip to Washington DC to celebrate, document, and visually capture the 20 year anniversary for the Million Man March. Met up with the homie Fred and did some shooting around the monuments that day. We woke up and 6am on Saturday morning to beat the traffic of all the people going down to the march. Took the Metro from Maryland to DC. When we finally got there everywhere we walked we were greeted by brothers and sisters from the Nation of Islam. All had a positive energy and uplifting words to share. Everyone was respectful and it was good to see so many people get together and reassure self pride within each other. I was glad I had the opportunity to document this historic event, but I also challenge those who participated in the march to take what they experienced or their new found inspirationand use that to make their community better. It just can’t stop with one march or protest. We as a people have to be diligent in our actions daily and set a good example for others. Let’s not wait another 20 years to get together like we did last Saturday, act now. 

Below is a video of some of the images me and Fred captured during our time there. Feel free to share the video!