Video: Gone (Outta Town, Outta Mind) - No Suh Foster

Back in April my brother No Suh made his first visit to Detroit. I showed him around the city, we talked about state of hip hop and the growth in his music amongst other things. We also shot two videos for his project X The Street From The Church. The first one was Death of the Black Sheep and the other was Gone (Outta Town, Outta Mind). For the Gone video we walked throughout the Eastern Market and midtown area exploring and shooting. Capturing the the art and vibrance of the city.

Me and No Suh go way back, and when I say way back I mean his music video in 2010 was my first attempt at shooting any visuals for music. I appreciate him allowing me to shoot that video for his song even though I didn’t really know what I was doing at the time. I was just fueled off creatively and good music. Since then we’ve collaborated on more than 10 videos.

Check out the video below and also visit for music and videos, and be sure to get his latest project X The Street From The Church!