The Process: Basquait Mural

I flew my bro Jermaine up here to Detroit a couple weeks ago to paint a mural on my creative space. We agreed it was going to be a Basquiat piece but we didn’t really know how it was going to look until the day of. We went to Kinkos, printed up a Basquiat photo we both agreed on then Jeramine broke down the photo by measuring each section. We then went to Blick’s Art Shop and picked up Montana spray paint then got to work. We were both excited and anxious because this would be Jermaine’s largest painting to date. Dee Low came with the drone and got some crazy aerial visuals, Donavan came with the GoPro and got a dope time-lapse, and people came by with curiosity and good conversation. At one point a bus full of people that were touring Detroit’s art scene stopped by and watched as Jermaine painted. A lot of them didn’t know who Basquiat was so it was cool that we could educate them about the impact he had on the art world in 80’s. Having this whole process happen is a dream come true and something me and Jermaine have talked about for some years. Timing is everything, and the time was right. This is just the first of many collaborations I want to do with artist that I admire, especially in Detroit. Check the video I put together of the 2 day process and special thanks for Dee Low and Donavan who assisted with the camera work. IMAGINE. CREATE. EXPOSE.