This past weekend I went up to Flint, Michigan to attend my cousin's funeral. Most of my family on my dad's side is from Flint, so growing up I would visit there often. Funerals always evoke different emotions out of me. I'm sad about losing a loved one, but also happy that I get to be with family I don't see on the regular. After the funeral my dad drove me to his house where he grew up as a child. My dad and my Uncle Kenny had plenty of stories to tell about the people and events that went on in their neighborhood. I'm always interested in hearing my dad's stories about growing up in Flint with 8 brothers and sisters, and even more half siblings and cousins. Seems like there was so much to do and everybody looked out for one another. 

Flint recently has been in the national news because of the contaminated water that people of the city have been drinking and bathing in since 2014. This is due to State officials deciding to switch from the Detroit water supply to Flint River to save on costs. Unfortunately Flint's water pipes contained high levels of lead and has been effecting the people, something Michigan's Governor Snyder was made aware of in the past but did nothing. While driving around the city I saw cars lined up at a Fire Station where people were picking up cases of bottled water and loading them in their vehicles. I'm glad this crisis is getting national attention but it's sad to know it takes people dying or getting really sick for this issue to gain traction. 

My time up there was short but I enjoyed seeing my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Being able to sit down a catch up and make jokes with my family is something I cherish. If you are ever in Flint or meet someone from there with the last name Milhouse nine times out of ten they are kin.