Father's Day Shave.

This Father's Day Bevel interviewed my father and me. We talked about what it means to be a father and son, grooming, and shared some of our favorite memories. Check the photos I took of my dad shaving with bevel's premium shaving kit and read the full interview below. Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there!

My Dad's answers...

1) What dreams do you have for your son?

It is my dream that Justin will reach the peak of his creative potential so that all will be allowed to enjoy what is yet to come.

2) What’s your favorite gift your son has given you?

Last year I received a Fitbit from both my son and daughter during the Holiday season.  I would say this was my favorite because he knows how much I am into fitness (distance running).  I use it on a daily basis.

3) In what ways does your son remind you of yourself?

His drive and desire to become an Entrepreneur reminds me of when I was growing up.  I always wanted to own my own business.  Even though I did not achieve that goal, I see his dream fast becoming a reality

4) When did you become a man?

My Grandfather was my father figure when I was growing up.  He taught me how to fish, play cards, helped me understand the importance of team work and the art of reasoning.  He also disciplined me when the need was there.  By the time I reached my Eighteenth birthday, I was ready for the world.  At that age I graduated from high school and went to college.  It was at that time I knew I was a man.

5) When did you become a Father?

On December 28, 1988, Justin was born.  With no hand guide or instructions, I became a father.  My task was to assure that Justin was given the necessary tools to contribute to society in a positive manner, teach him right from wrong, and show him how to be compassionate when it comes to others.

6) What does being a father mean to you?

It means that by the grace of God, I had the opportunity to raise, mentor, teach, guide and enjoy a progression from childhood to adulthood.  The steps along the way, I will cherish for my entire life.


My answers...

1) whats your father's full name?

Otis Walter Milhouse

2) what brought him to the city you live in now?

He was born in Flint, MI and after he graduated from Eastern Michigan University he moved to Detroit for two reasons, job opportunities and my mom.

3) What did he do when you were a kid?

He always kept me in some extra circular activity and was my baseball coach when I played for the Detroit PAL League. He would also frequently take my sister and I to the movies. I still go with him til this day. 

4) How has he sacrificed for you?

Whatever I needed my dad made a way to make it happen for me and my sister. Growing up in Flint, my dad wasn't as fortunate as others, but he has always been honest and a hard worker. He always ensured me that dedication and persistence would lead to me accomplishing my goals. 

5) What does being a father mean?

 Being a good father means leading by example, being trustworthy, compassionate, able to comprise, and not afraid to show love to your children. 

6) What are the best 3 memories you can share that the two of you had?

Its so many memories my dad and I share but my favorite memory we share is when he helped me with my science project in 5th grade. He literally stayed up all night helping me build the bridge for my project. I now realize it showed how much he cared to see me do well, and would stop at nothing to ensure that I am successful. 

7) What is the best gift your father has given you?

This might be cliche but the best gift my father has given me is him. If I ever need someone to talk to or need advice about something I know I can ask him. He's funny with a good sense of humor, kind to people, and a good listener.

8) What does being a son mean to you?

Being a good son means going above and beyond to make my parents proud. Especially when both of them have sacrificed so much for me. Make them feel confident that they've done a good job raising me and trust that'll I'll always make the right decision in any circumstance because of the values and lesson they've instilled in me. 

9) What grooming lessons did you learn from your father?

My dad always told me to stay fresh, stay clean. You never know who's watching. lol