I used to get in debates with my parents and granddad in my high school days because of the way I dressed and the style of my hair. They used to tell me that my baggy clothes, hoodies, and braids made me fit a certain stereotype. Another argument we would have is having too many of my "friends" in one car. As I got older I realized they were looking out for my well being, and they knew I could be considered a threat. Funny thing is now that I am college educated, pulled up the pants, and lost the braids I feel I'm a threat more than ever. I've been harassed twice in my adult years; once in Alabama for sitting in a car outside a club waiting on my cousins in lit parking lot, and another in Dearborn for looking suspicious by riding in a car with too many of my "friends" These encounters were completely unsettling to me. Recent events highlight just how vulnerable many may feel in simply going about their daily lives, and because of these recent events I was inspired to shoot and direct this video entitled "UNARMED." My good friend Baron Amato released this poem back in 2011 and it has always been one of my favorites. Check the video, analyze it, and share it. EVERYBODY needs to be careful out here. Special thank you my friend James and neighbor Norman for helping to bring my vision to life. Peace